Les Trésors de Laguiole (the treasures from Laguiole)

My studio-workshop is in the heart of the Aubrac, in the original Laguiole area. This is where I work and I offer my range of exclusive and collectible knives and fine cutlery made with the quality and expertise of various techniques such as forging, engraving, sculpture, ivory carving, all based on the Laguiole knife traditions...

My Philosophy

Make knives for the pleasure of buyers and my personal pleasure by giving the best of myself to each of my knives, with regard for the best materials and the best manufacturing techniques, I do not manufacture weapons and I do not like war, I do not claim to be perfect, I'm just a man with my qualities and my faults, I love life and its pleasures, all tastes are in nature, I create knives in harmony and respect for the tradition of the Laguiole knife.


Concorde range in 2008 (based on metal from the supersonic Concorde aircrafts)
Le Marine range in 2009 (based on metal from the liner Le France)
Range Mandailles, Ophrys, Physalis, Aubracien, Cubique
The traditional Laguiole,
Range Chiseled spring
Range Salettes
Demoiselle de l'Aubrac ,
Carved rosette
Carved leaves,
Carved Laguiole rights, etcetera

Passionate Laguiole knives and embellishment techniques


1st Prize IWA 2003 NUREMBERG with Laguiole and Aubrac


CAP de coutellerie at Rodez
Study of the working methods of Moulin, Cure, Pages, Calmels, Glaizes, Salettes , Crocombettes, couteliers from Laguiole.
Training at the Forges de Laguiole
Self-taught blacksmith, sculpture
Creating products for Laguiole and Aubrac
Training by Roland Baptiste engraver and professor at the l'école d'arme (weaponsschool) of Liége.

And an ever-growing passion towards my job..... and new models to come...